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EURēCA and Research Compliance

All projects must be consistent with applicable compliance rules. Students who conduct research involving people or people data must submit their projects for IRB approval and have received IRB approval prior to exhibiting at the EURēCA event.

Classroom Projects

Classroom projects may be displayed at EURēCA and will be subject to acceptance by your college representative. If the project was conducted for class only and not to contribute to the generalizable knowledge of their discipline, students may present the results of their classroom projects as part of their final assignment and must denote in the abstract this is a classroom project or capstone project. In this capacity EURēCA is acting as an extension of the classroom activity. These projects will be categorized separately at the event (Research vs. Classroom/Capstone Projects).

Classroom Projects & Human Subjects Research

If you would like to enter your classroom project in the research category and the classroom project involved the collection of information from or about people, the faculty member or the student(s) will need to apply to convert their classroom activity to research through application to the IRB for ‘materials and data collected for non-research purposes’ prior to display at EURēCA. This process averages 2-3 weeks (but can vary depending on your active engagement/collaboration and responses back to the IRB) and requires the Principal Investigator (PI) and collaborators to complete CITI training. (An undergraduate student may serve as a PI.) If there is a question as to whether your classroom project would need the additional approval, please contact the IRB at